St Mary's Echuca is not a building or an office or a website or a registered parish in the records of Sandhurst Diocese …. St Mary’s Echuca is a community of wonderful, faith-filled, caring people. We are driven by our faith in our God and we love to serve others. We include two wonderful school communities where our children access great education, inspiring leadership and faith-driven social justice programs. We are welcoming to all and our many parish groups and activities involve people of all ages, backgrounds and interests.

We are serious about our faith but we certainly believe in leading full and joyous lives together! To this end we are passionate about constantly developing new ways to provide opportunities for us to encounter Jesus. Engaging liturgies, innovative and more relaxed monthly Come and See masses, Alpha evenings, Beta evenings, inspiring and challenging homilies from Father Des and many and varied small groups are all reflective of our desire to remain a vibrant community.



We aim to be a truly INCLUSIVE and welcoming parish through real and effective outreach and personal dialogue with ALL members of community.

We aim to be true to the Gospel and relevant in our local and global community with open dialogue, information and response to issues of social justice.

We aim to nourish and build our community through inclusive and engaging liturgical experiences.

So much community caring, sharing and love - but that’s what you get at St Mary’s Echuca
— comment after our Parish Celebration Day, Nov 2018

Symbols at our Parish Celebration Day mass

Symbols at our Parish Celebration Day mass

Parish Celebration Day

Parish Celebration Day

What We've Achieved in 2018

Our Parish Pastoral Council and Parish Steering Group looked back on 2018 ….. 

   St Mary’s Echuca is an empowered parish - a reflection of great leadership by Fr Des Welladsen, our Parish Priest. We are fortunate to have a leadership structure that facilitates shared responsibility and wisdom.

We have a more relaxed environment which is conducive to participation and a greater range of people are gaining confidence to be involved in all aspects of our community life.

There is a growing sense of fellowship and our liturgies and events are inclusive of more and more people.

The number of families of children who celebrated Sacraments of Initiation has been really encouraging.

Our Parish Office is run professionally in a caring and welcoming atmosphere.   

Family Groups provide a support network for many older parishioners who can be given the opportunity to mix with younger families.

Parish Expo Evening

Parish Expo Evening