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With Heartfelt Thanks

On this special Easter weekend when Ruth, Lisa & Rachel become members of our faith community I would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank the very special people who have accompanied them on their RCIA journey.

Firstly, to our parish RCIA team – Bev Kenna, Alison & Terry McKiterick, Kath Quinn, Barb Green, Cecilia Merrigan, Selina Handley (Ruth’s sponsor), Renee Oberin (Lisa’s sponsor) and Claire Hogan (Rachel’s sponsor)

These people are truly the face of God in our parish. They have generously shared their giftedness, time, talents and love every week such that Ruth, Lisa & Rachel have always felt supported, safe & encouraged.

Also being God’s heart & hands are all the parishioners who have warmly welcomed us into their homes each week and shown Ruth, Lisa & Rachel how loving and hospitable our St. Mary’s parish is and given them some insight into the beautiful, Spirit – filled community that they are joining.

And finally, to the immensely learned presenters who put such a lot of time into preparing the topics presented each week at our RCIA meetings. They not only enlightened Ruth, Lisa & Rachel but nourished and developed the faith of all those present.

Thank you all for such a joy-filled, Christ–filled, love & laughter – filled RCIA journey.

Malia Black