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God Live In Us!

Welcome to St Mary's Parish website!

St Mary's Echuca is a vibrant community.

Family....Caring......Support.....Community.......Fellowship......Love of God ......are all words that we believe describe our Parish community well.

We are part of the Diocese of Sandhurst and we always like to welcome newcomers and visitors. If you want to worship with us, or if you are new to the Echuca area, please come along and you will be made VERY WELCOME.

There are many Parish Groups within our Parish Community covering numerous activities and programs for people of all ages and interests.........there is sure to be something that appeals to you!

“St Mary’s Parish is not built on the gifts and talents of a few, but on the sacrifice of many”.
One of the character traits that has marked us as a church has been the incredible volunteer spirit of the many people who make up OUR Parish church.
Volunteering is a brilliant way to build great friendships whilst also practically helping build the church and making weekend services amazing for all who come and attend.

We would love to have more people to set up for Mass, altar society, proof reading, counting and lawns. If you have not been personally approached but would love to participate, please give us a call so we can include you in the new rosters. which we will be prepared shortly .  

Call or email us in the office if you can and would like to help.

This website is a work in progress and gives you an overview of our Parish. We hope you find it helpful and can be patient as we slowly develop into an accurate source of information and the opportunity for us all to interact in our wonderful, spiritual, caring and loving Community.

The website is an introduction but the best way to become a part of the Parish is to come along to Mass and introduce yourself..... we look forward to meeting you!

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What You Need to Check Out This Week !!

1. What a wonderful Laudato Si Come and See Mass we had on Sunday June 19th!! Our next Come and See Mass will be held on Sunday July 17th 5pm at the St Mary's Church where we will focus on human beings and human doings.

2. Winter is here and it is getting quite cold. Do you have any warm coats and blankets about that you could spare for those in great need of such things at this time of the year? Would you like to get involved in our Winter Coat and Blanket Drive or simply donate something? Contact the Parish Office if you can do either!

3. The Men's Breakfast on Saturday May 14th at the St Mary's Parish Centre was a great morning. For some photos of the breakfast have a look at the News page HERE                                                                                                                      

4. Thanks so much to the 100 or so people who made it to both of our Future Planning Meetings on Tuesday November 24th and Thursday December 3rd. All of your feedback and ideas will be reviewed and all of the options will be investigated in more detail and then a meeting will be scheduled in June to make some recommendations to the Parish.

5. Want to find out where the Parish Pastoral Council wants our Parish to head in the next 3 years? Read the Action Plan in the Parish Pastoral Council section of the Documents and Reports tab of the website or simply click HERE

6. Have you heard about "REBUILT" or ....the St Mary's version....."COME AND SEE"? Do you want to see some change in our Parish? Or, more importantly, do you want to be a part of change in our Parish? Go to the NEWS pages or chat to one of the Pastoral Associates, Father Des or any of the Parish Pastoral Council members. Head to the Come and See Masses Gallery page HERE for some photos of the June Come and See Mass. 

7. There is a great resource for updated informationon what is happening in Australia and the rest of the world that is particularly relevant to Catholics called CATH NEWS. Check out more information on the NEWS page. 

8. For daily inspiration and exposure to scripture in an easy, user-friendly and thought-provoking way have a look at PRAY AS YOU GO. You can check it out HERE or you can find the link on our LINKS page

9. Have a look at the PARISH CALENDAR on the Our Calendar page to find the dates, times and venues for various Parish activities and functions. 

10. Who is getting married in our Church this weekend? Who are we welcoming into our faith through Baptism? Who is celebrating a milestone Anniversary or Birthday? Go HERE to find out!! 



Outside front church


  Come and See logo


Our next Come and See Mass will be held on:


       Sunday July 17th, 5.00pm 


              St Mary's Church 

            Hare Street, Echuca



       Human 'Beings'


       Human 'Doings'


Celebrating One Another


There is a time and place for everything.

Sometimes we need to be busy and other times we need to be still and, just like Mary and Martha, there are times that we are the "doers" and the times when we sit with God.

As a Parish we rely on doing both ...  together... sharing prayer and hospitality.


This very special Mass will take place at St Mary's Church but it will definitely still prove to be "a new experience of Church" .... like all Come and See Masses.


We invite ALL parishioners and ask that you extend that welcome to family and friends.

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