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God Live In Us!

Welcome to St Mary's Parish website!

St Mary's Echuca is a vibrant community.

Family....Caring......Support.....Community.......Fellowship......Love of God ......are all words that we believe describe our Parish community well.

We are part of the Diocese of Sandhurst and we always like to welcome newcomers and visitors. If you want to worship with us, or if you are new to the Echuca area, please come along and you will be made VERY WELCOME.

There are many Parish Groups within our Parish Community covering numerous activities and programs for people of all ages and interests.........there is sure to be something that appeals to you!

This website is a work in progress and gives you an overview of our Parish. We hope you find it helpful and can be patient as we slowly develop into an accurate source of information and the opportunity for us all to interact in our wonderful, spiritual, caring and loving Community.

The website is an introduction but the best way to become a part of the Parish is to come along to Mass and introduce yourself..... we look forward to meeting you!

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What You Need to Check Out This Week !!


1. You can help others in need through the Winter Coat and Blanket Drive. Check out this  NEWS page for more information!

2. This event will change your life!!! Did you know that there will be a menALIVE weekend being held in Echuca on the June 13th & 14th weekend? What is "menALIVE" ?? Go to the NEWS pages for more information or you will find the Brochure/Registration Form by simply clicking HERE

3. Did you get to our first or second Sunday Twilight Mass??? Did you hear about it?? See if you can get to the next one on Sunday May 17th at 5pm. COME and SEE....Check it out HERE

4.  Have you heard about "REBUILT" or the St Mary's Echuca version called "Come and SEE"? Do you want to see some change in our Parish? Go to the NEWS pages or chat to one of the Parish Pastoral Council. 

5.  Check out the latest update from the Social Justice group on the  NEWS page

6.  There is a great resource for updated information on what is happening in Australia and the rest of the World that is particularly relevant to Catholics - called Cath News. Check out more information on the  NEWS page. 

7.   For daily inspiration go HERE , the official Twitter page of His Holiness Pope Francis (right click and you can translate the page easily into English!!) or you can find the link on our LINKS page

8. Have a look at the Parish Calendar on the Our Calendar page to find the dates, times and venues for various Parish activities and functions. 

Outside front church 5


Come and See



St Mary's Echuca


....working together


building relationships 


with each other 


and with God!






Are you ready for


a new experience


of Mass and Parish?




Have you been


to our new Mass


held every month at 


5pm on Sundays?? 





This is an exciting new


development for our Parish


and this Mass is designed 


to attract those of you 


who have not been able 


or have felt disinclined 


to attend the Masses 


held Saturday evenings 


and Sunday mornings.



Join us for a fresh, new 


experience of


Parish celebration


and liturgy!!






and ALL will feel





Our next Sunday Twilight 


Mass will be held on... 







May 17th, 5.00pm





St Mary's School






(15-33 Bridlington Avenue, Echuca)










Following our first two

Come & See Masses,

the team is currently preparing

for our May Celebration.

Thank you to all those who have

provided feedback, remember

if you would like to be involved in

planning, organization or

the Mass itself please let

Christine Sebire know.

These Sunday evening

celebrations are very much

about building community and

making people feel that they

belong, this is the basis of true

parish ... people who care for

one another.  

Come and see…



....we have a 


Sunday Twilight Mass 


every THIRD Sunday 


of each month 


throughout 2015!!





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