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Our next Come and See Mass is:

Sunday July 21st



St Mary’s Church …

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“You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All”

Join us as we revisit one of our best Come and See experiences ever.

Bring a friend to “dinner”, share the joy and hospitality!!


About our Come and See Masses

On the 3rd Sunday each month at 5.00pm we hold a Come and See Mass. These Masses are often held at the St Mary’s School Auditorium, Bridlington Avenue, Echuca and sometimes at the St Mary’s Church or maybe even outside. These Masses tend to be more relaxed, less ritual involved, different and often live music, more personal, greater community involvement and sometimes involving powerful stories and testimonies.

A new experience of Church!

Come and See Masses are always followed by shared food and drink and here’s the schedule for 2019….

So…. just… Come and See!!!

So…. just… Come and See!!!

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