In 2006, after much consultation, our Church underwent a much needed internal face-lift.

Originally, there was a request from members of the Parish for greater accessibility to the sanctuary area.

The Parish Pastoral Council came to the conclusion that greater expertise was needed, if the "big picture" outlook was to be given it's full credence. It was felt that we needed to look at the present and future needs of the whole community.

As a result, a process, known as Prism, was conducted. The first step involved some 60 parishioners, who were move by the Spirit to faithfully attend and address these issues. These people became known as the Advisory Group. The sessions were conducted by Randall Lindstrom, a noted figure in Liturgical Design, and Father Par Negri of the Blessed Sacrament Fathers.

The final result of these gatherings was the formation of some concept statements which expressed what parishioners felt was valued, treasured and needed in our faith community and which could form the basis for future decision making. All who attended played their part in the formation of these statements. All had a chance to review the draft statements to ensure that they reflected the collective wisdom of the group.


These concept statements were published in a booklet called "Honouring our Tradition and Future" which was distributed at Mass and a copy was posted to all members of the Advisory Group, along with a letter of our thanks for their involvement and participation.

Concept drawings were at each door in the church and parishioners were invited to review these drawings and submit any comments. Whilst the responses were overwhelmingly in the affirmative and provided direction to the deliberations of the Renewal Team, lengthy and lively debate took place with regard to concerns and points of issue raised by parishioners in their responses.

In considering the Design in its entirety, the Team decided that it offered a substantial way forward without significant structural alteration to the celebration space. It fulfilled the goals of creating inclusiveness for all and enhancing the worship space whilst still retaining all that is treasured in our church. However, the Renewal Team also acknowledged that some issues expressed by parishioners had merit as stand alone items and these would be included for discussion in the planning stages.

A recommendation was proposed and subsequently ratified by the Parish Pastoral Council that the Concept Design be adopted. The report on the community consultation undertaken was sent to Bishop Joseph Grech and the Diocesan Liturgical Commission for ratification as is required. This process has at all stages included the Bishop and the Liturgical Commission. They both affirm the Parish in the process being followed and approval was granted.

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In 2012 we installed a Hearing Loop to allow those Parishioners with hearing impairment to be able to listen to all aspects of Masses, Celebrations and ceremonies clearly through their hearing aids. This has been a resounding success and greatly appreciated by all those who use it!



With the sale of the St. Mary's Primary School property, the Parish Centre underwent some needed renovations. The Parish Centre is now both a great functional area for our office and administrative staff and a wonderful space for Parish meetings, functions and events. Some Parishioners have kindly donated their time, labour and expertise to also develop a tranquil garden area to add to this beautiful environment.

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More recently the Prayer Chapel was refurbished and it has become an even more beautiful and perfect place for quiet reflective prayer.

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